We are the specialist in high-quality processing of sheet metal.
Sheet metal working has undergone enormous development in recent years in the field of machining techniques, materials, automation and software.

Qusinox does not want to be left behind and strives for optimization of processes, development of employees and innovation to ensure quality.
This way we like to be part of your final product with products that meet the quality standard and your requirements!

How do we deliver quality? In our efficient, specialized workshop we have the machines, knowledge and people to process single or composite sheet metal efficiently and customer-oriented. In this workshop we process your products that meet the specified specifications and requirements.

In addition to assembling and mounting, we check each product one by one to ensure that it meets the quality standards.
Under the watchful eye of the Quality Department, we then provide the manufactured assemblies with a quality inspection.
The Quality Department deals with the quality policy within our organization and is responsible for the quality management system.